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"We'll have to find Duncan. Luckily he has other talents besides chasing women."
—Freyda [src]

Duncan is a Haven Knight hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.


Though Duncan is from an ancient family whose lands (and blood) come from none other than the fabled Falcon dynasty, as a youth his heart longed not for the sumptuous halls of royal palaces but for expanses of sunlit fields, for dusty roads and for the adventures that lay in wait. Impatient with aristocracy and aristocrats, Duncan devoted his life to wandering, and there are few places left in the Kingdom which he hasn't visited yet.OffBck

Duncan was the leader of the rebels who opposed Isabel's rule. He was captured, but later freed by Freyda to restore things in the Griffin Empire. He went to his friend Wulfstan to aid him in the fight. They came to Horncrest, the capital of the Stag Duchy, and re-claimed it. They joined with Ylaya and the true Queen Isabel to defeat King Tolghar.

Later, he and Freyda met Zehir, who cleansed the land of demonic magic. With this, they managed to make an alliance with the Red Church and attack the demons. They came to Talonguard, where they fought against Biara's forces. Isabel abdicated and named Freyda the Queen, while Duncan became the King of the new Holy Unicorn Empire.



Hammers of Fate[]

Hero Trait
H5SpecPathfinder.png Pathfinder
Hero's movement points are increased by 1% per every two hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicCounterstrike.png Basic Counterstrike
H5BasicAttack.png Basic Attack H5Tactics.png Tactics


Hammers of Fate[]

Freyda's Dilemma[]
  • Duncan: Freyda has to attack Horncrest and capture Duncan.
  • The Choice: Duncan needs to be found and Gustav's Bend to be captured so Freyda can go to Godric.
Wulfstan's Defiance[]
  • The Brothers: Duncan comes to aid his "old" friend.
  • Laszlo: Duncan and Wulfstan need to capture Horncrest and defeat Laszlo.
Ylaya's Quest[]

Tribes of the East[]

Flying to the Rescue[]
  • Tearing the Veil: Freyda and Duncan need to cleanse the land from demons.
  • A Flamboyant Exit: Freyda and Duncan attack a demon town. Later, he is titled as the king of the new Holy Unicorn Empire.


Duncan appears in the Heroes of Might and Magic V add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East.


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