The Duke of AvLee was the ruler of AvLee at the start of the Timber Wars.

Under the rule of King David Gryphonheart IV, the Erathians were expanding their borders. Eventually, they reached the great forests north of Phynaxia, where they began to cut down trees to make weapons. The elves informed them that they were tearing down AvLee, but they were ignored.

In 646 AS, the Duke sent a messenger to King David, demanding that the Erathians abandon all settlements north of Phynaxia, and pay a sum of gold equal to the value of the wood taken from the region. David replied with a simple "No".

The Duke was enraged at this response, and it is said that he executed the messenger for treason. He then issued a declaration of war, which was the start of the Timber Wars.[1]

It's not known exactly how long the Duke ruled AvLee, but during the construction of Castle Harmondale in 689 AS, Lothoe IV had become king.

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