DruidTree base

The Druid Tree's base.


The Druid Tree's trunk.

DruidTree top

The Druid Tree's top.

The Druid Tree is the second location in the Sylvan campaign in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. It is preceded by the hunter's lodge and followed by the forest's edge.

Anwen and Findan arrive to discover that the Druid Tree is under attack by knights of the Griffin Empire. Count Carlyle has sent his men to start a war between the humans and the elves, but Anwen and Findan manage to drive the humans back and save the Druid Elder Euny. The two youngsters then travel to the forest's edge, to stop any further acts of aggression.


These objectives can be found in the Druid's Tree area.


  • Stop the War: Anwen and Findan must travel to the forest's edge and stop war from breaking out.






The following creatures can be found in this location:


  • Elder Staff: In a chest in the northeastern part of the tree.
  • Doubling Cape: In a chest in the top of the tree, after Sir Strata is defeated.
  • Vine Gloves: Given by the ranger when his battle puzzles are beaten.
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