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"Druids are a hybrid of the Sorcerer and Cleric classes. They make poor fighters (better only than the lowly Sorcerer) and have relatively few hit points. On the plus side, Druids can use both Sorcerer and Clerical magic. Druids may not learn Light and Dark magic, and they can only use the staff, dagger, and bow as weapons while wearing only leather and shield as armor. All secondary skills are open to the Druid, and as an added bonus Druids may begin the game with the Learning skill. Druids can be promoted to Great Druid (gaining one hit point and one spell point per level) and eventually to Arch Druid (gaining another spell point and hit point per level."

The Druid is one of the starting classes in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Druids are powerful spellcasters, but should avoid direct combat. They gain 2 hit points and 3 spell points per level.

Attributes Edit

Attribute Minimum Starting Maximum
Might 5 7 25
Intellect 12 14 25
Personality 12 14 25
Endurance 9 11 25
Accuracy 5 7 25
Speed 9 11 25
Luck 7 9 25

Skills Edit

Druids can learn the following skills:


Great Druid Edit

To be promoted to Great Druids, Druids must complete the Visit the Altar of the Sun on an equinox or solstice quest for Lady Loretta Fleise in Castle Fleise. Great Druids gain 3 hit points and 4 spell points per level.

Arch Druid Edit

To be promoted to Arch Druids, Great Druids must complete the Visit the Altar of the Moon at midnight of a full moon quest for Lady Loretta Fleise. Arch Druids gain 4 hit points and 5 spell points per level.

Notes Edit

The in-game description states that Druids can only use staffs, daggers, and bows. In the game, they can also use maces.

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