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The Druid is the Magic hero class of the Rampart faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Might counterpart is the Ranger.

Druids are mystics who draw their power from a harmonic relationship with the land. While they pursue their mystical knowledge, their outdoor living causes them to acquire a balance of physical skills.OffBck

Skill probabilityEdit

Probability Skill
9 Luck
8 Wisdom, Scholar
7 Eagle Eye, First Aid, Intelligence
6 Mysticism, Sorcery
5 Archery, Logistics, Pathfinding
4 Ballistics, Diplomacy, Earth Magic, Learning, Water Magic
3 Armorer, Estates
2 Air Magic, Leadership, Navigation, Scouting
1 Artillery, Fire Magic, Offense, Resistance, Tactics
0 Necromancy

Notable druidsEdit

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