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The druid is the fourth tier creature of the Forest faction in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. Widely considered the second best shooter in the game, after the troll, druid is a precious addition to the Sorceress army.

The druid is the second best shooter in the game, after the big purple troll. The druid actually has the same defense as the troll and an even higher damage and better speed (mainly gives better initiative), but lacks attack, hit points and of course the troll's unique Regeneration ability but is overall more cost-effective. The druid is an excellent shooter, but 8 shots can run out quickly. Druids and elves together make an unstoppable shooting combo. Druids may be hard to get in some cases due to the high amount of mercury needed by their dwelling. Like other shooters, druids should be protected particularly from flying creatures.

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