Princess Drew Falcon is a character featured in Shades of Darkness.


Drew is the princess and heir to the Imperial throne of the Falcon Empire. She is daring and ambitious but blinded by the inexperience of youth. Her first military expedition was unprepared and a dangerous folly. She attacked the borders of Heresh, sacred lands of the Necromancers of the Seven Cities and the Cult of the Spider Queen. She seeks to defeat Vein, master of Necromancy and warfare. Her enemy is a skilled warlord, a cold tactician who has won dozens of battles over the past centuries...OffBck

Drew Falcon was the daughter of Emperor Morvan Falcon. Not wishing to be betrothed to a rich duke or become a simple imperial knight, Drew wanted to impress her father and convince him that she is capable of assuming the throne no worse than any male heir would. However her rash ambitions soon proved unfruitful, as she "bit off a tad more than she could chew". Facing the Necromancer Vein in battle while her task was to stand guard at the destroyed bridge between the Empire and the Seven Cities was one such decision.



Second Necropolis CampaignEdit

A Selfish Prayer for Light: Princess Drew Falcon appears when Vein prevents the reconstruction of the bridge. Vein defeats her.


Princess Drew Falcon appears only in Shades of Darkness.

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