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The dread knight is the upgrade to the black knight, the sixth-tier creature of the Necropolis faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited from the upgraded hall of Darkness.

Knights have a 20% chance of cursing opponents they strike. Cursed creatures inflict only minimum damage in their own attacks. Dread knights’ attacks also have a 20% chance of inflicting double damage death blows.OffBck

With an increase to attack, defense, and speed, this is a decent upgrade, but the more important improvement is the Death blow attack, which gives a 20% chance to do double damage.

Since it also has the Curse ability, the Dread knight has a very dangerous attack. Taking it out with ranged creatures is usually the best option.


  • Tamika is a specialist in dread knights, and gives them +1 to Attack and Defense per hero level after sixth level.

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