Drammar is a character that is mentioned in the official strategy guide for Crusaders of Might and Magic. He was Celestia's diplomatic envoy to the dwarves of Corantha.

Biography Edit

Celestia sent Drammar on a diplomatic mission to Corantha in order to strengthen the alliance between the dwarves and the Crusaders. Drammar met often with Dain Stoneheart, the crown prince, and considered the dwarf to be intelligent and resolute.

Three weeks after arriving in the dwarven city, Drammar wrote a report to Celestia, telling her that there was growing unrest among the Ironpicks, who felt disenfranchised. Drammar believed that Dain's brother Tor was fueling their anger to increase his own power.

He told Celestia that the situation was stable, but fragile, and that if anything happened to King Aiden, the situation would destabilize rapidly. He convinced Dain to increase the security around the royal family, and offered him the aid of some Crusader guards. Dain rejected the offer, telling him that the regent should only be guarded by loyal dwarves.