The Dragonwraith is a boss creature for "To Leave is to Die a Little" quest in "The Mask of the Black Death" mission from Danse Macabre adventure pack of Might & Magic: Heroes VI.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Even lesser Dragons remain powerful magical creatures, and terrifying foes. It's no surprise, then, that from the very first days of the Spider Cult, the Necromancers have tried to find a way to resurrect fallen Dragons as their Undead servants. Asha uses all, after all, even her own children! Unfortunately, their efforts remained unsuccessful for decades, until Belketh, the founder and Great Archon of the Cult, understood the reason for their collective failure. Dragons exist both in the material and spirit worlds, he realized, so to raise such a creature from the dead a Necromancer must first locate and dominate the Dragon's spirit form. The ghostly Dragonwraith is the result of Belketh's experiments and the pride of his armies.OffBck

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Dragonwraith is one of the boss characters.

Icon-H6.png Dragonwraith Icon-H6.png
Tier Boss
Hit points 700000
(start 35000)
Might attack 1250
Magic attack -
Might defense 72%
Magic defense 66%
Damage 1000-1500
Initiative 50
Speed 99
Range None
Morale 0
Destiny 0
Size Huge
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Tactic[edit | edit source]

He does not make sense before the fight to make a huge army, because (similarly to the earlier adventure pack) a limited army with particular combination appears (410 skeletons; 324 skeletal spearmen, 188 archliches; 114 vampire lords; 26 fate spinners; 19 fate weavers). The channelers try it on in the first rounds of the fight to heal the boss (since starts from the half of his original health), it is necessary to do away with them because of this (the boss does not attack directly, uses his Withering Wave" ability only). The second part of the fight is beginning if all minions was destroyed.

The recommended an army so to locate, that let the boss not be allowed to reach more valuable creatures easily in close combat. The skeletons worthy some to put, that let the range penalty be avoided. Use Necromancy always. The boss will use the "Curse of the Dragonwraith" ability much often when severely injured (below 35% health), and the "Shrivelling Breath" ability removes this ability's debuff effect ("Life in Death") from the creatures only.

Useful abilities:

  • Regeneration, Mass (to heals creatures)
  • Evasive Maneuvers; Stone Skin, Mass (to reduces damage (Might-based only)
  • Weakness (reduce the boss' damage by half)
  • Disruption (reduce the boss' defense by zero)
  • Lightning Bolt; Implosion (to cause damage the boss)
  • Reinforcements (increase number of target stack)
  • Meditation (increases the Hero's (and all magic-based ranged creatures) damage and restores Hero's Mana)

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Withering Wave.png
Withering Wave

As long as a Channeler is alive, every enemy creature suffers 800 damage (Darkness) each round.OffBck

Shrivelling Breath.png
Shrivelling Breath

Deals 1000 damage (Darkness) to all enemy creatures in front of the Dragonwraith. Removes Life in Death from hit creatures.OffBck

Curse of the Spectral Dragon.png
Curse of the Dragonwraith

Target enemy creature suffers 1600 damage (Darkness) and instead of dealing damage, it heals the Dragonwraith with its attacks for 4 turns. Cooldown: 1 turn.OffBck

Life in Death.png
Life in Death

You heal the Dragonwraith instead of dealing damage to it. Lasts 4 turns.OffBck

Heroes VI Spirit Form Icon.png
Spirit Form

Spirits benefit from +50% resistance to all damage at the start of each combat. Lasts until an action was taken by the creature.OffBck


Having no emotions, undead are immune to Morale effects.OffBck


Movement and Initiative of Boss creatures cannot be reduced. Also grants immunity of Blind effects, Mind Influence and effects causing loss of action.OffBck

Undead H6.png

Its Morale is always neutral and it has +20% resistance to Water damage. It is also immune to Poison, Disease, Blind and Mind Influence effects.OffBck

Vulnerability to Light.png
Vulnerability to Light

Light spells which are damaging gets empowered against undead by 20%. Light spells which heal the living damage undead.OffBck

Strength of the Void.png
Strength of the Void

Dragonwraith gains 25 Might Power and the damage of all its abilities is increased by 25% for every 6000 Health gained by Channeler's Summon.OffBck

Minion[edit | edit source]

Channeler (Lich)
Heroes VI Lich Icon.png
Magic (Dark)
Might Defense
Magic Defense
Abilities Summon

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achi No Guts No Glory.png
No Guts, No Glory

Defeat the Dragonwraith after it healed to full health.OffBck

The channelers under 2 turns totally heals the boss. There are 8 channelers, from this 2-3 before the second turn worthy to destroy (one shoots for Archliches and Fate Spinners/-Weavers), to finish with the others afterwards then. Use Hero's attack (Soulreaver) always against the minions in order to be allowed to reach the Necromancy soon.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Dragonwraith appears only in Danse Macabre.

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