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The Dragontalker is an ancient elf appearing in Clash of the Dragons, the fourth part of Heroes Chronicles.

When the green and gold dragons suddenly disappeared, the Elf King Eldrich Parson sent Tarnum to seek the Dragontalker, an ancient elven woman who lived among the dragons, and knew them better than any other mortal.

When Tarnum finally found her home, it was being attacked by a pair of green dragons. After slaying them, he spoke to her, and learned that the dragons had been drawn from their caves as if being pulled by some unseen hand. They learned that Mutare, the Dragon Queen of Nighon, was taking control of all dragons.

Tarnum eventually acquired the Vial of Dragon's Blood, a powerful artifact that could free dragons from Mutare's control. Rather than free each dragon individually, the Dragontalker and Aspen, Tarnum's advisor, suggested that he should seek out the Gold Dragon Mothers - the ten dragons who were the ancestors of all green and gold dragons. Once they were freed, the magic link between the Dragon Mothers and their offspring would free all the other green and gold dragons as well.

When Tarnum was ready to march against Mutare, the Dragontalker sent him a letter explaining that a powerful artifact called the Power of the Dragon Father could be found nearby. The artifact was split in pieces, and several of the pieces were in the hands of local seers. If Tarnum combined all the pieces, the artifact would be a great equalizer.

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