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The dragon golem is a fourth-level creature of the Academy in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Fast, big, and strong, the Dragon Golem combines almost all the attributes one could desire in a wicked Level 4 melee fighter. First Strike and Negate First Strike abilities mean that the enemy stacks this creature bites are reduced in number by his attack before retaliation damage is calculated, increasing his survivability and compensating for hit points that are slightly lower than other Level 4 creatures. His mechanical nature also keeps him immune from Mind Spells and other woes that befall live creatures.

Dragon golems in combination with gold golems and nagas can create an army which is a potent counter to the all-conquering Necromancer with his hoards of vampires in tow. The vampire can't regenerate from either of the golem stacks and the Naga's high defence, combined with its no-retaliation attack, means it will give up much less life force to the vampires than other creatures. If you attempt this strategy, you might want to leave the dwarves and halflings at home becuase a large late-game stack of them will provide ample life force for the fearsome vampires. Also be warned that the high statistics of the vampire mean the fragility of the dragon golem will be readily apparent - vampires are far better versus dragon golems than the level 3 vs level 4 difference would suggest.



First Strike allows this creature to strike an opponent in melee combat before it can retaliate.


Negate First Strike allows this creature to counter First Strike abilities or spells.


Mechanical creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.


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