Dragon knight

Dragon Knights were a secret order dedicated to protecting the world of Ashan from demon scourge. Its members were highly trained warriors, strong both physically and spiritually. Since the Third Eclipse, many of the Knights were destroyed, and today its associates are few and scarce.

History of the order Edit

The Dragon Knights were founded by Sar-Badon in 62 YSD, after the Schism of the Seven. Sar-Badon, who was also the first Dragon Knight, decided to split away from his fellow Sar-Elam disciples, because he couldn't agree with them on the best way to follow the teaching of their master.

In 104, Sar-Badon, on his deathbed, order his Knights to retreat from the active world. The Dragon Knights built the "Hidden Houses" and retreated to them when they were ready, soon becoming a secret order.

From this point on, the activities of the order weren't prominent or visible to the world anymore; however, they remained well known among their demonic arch-nemeses.

In 717, during a brief Third Eclipse, the Demons attempted to eliminate the Dragon Knights; a band of Demons escaped into the world, and began a bloody secret war. The Hidden Houses were destroyed, and many of the Knights perished. The full outcome of this conflict is unknown, but the Dragon Knights eventually emerged victorious.

After 717, the Order's very existence was threatened because of the high casualties, and the low number of recruits. The Dragon Knights badly needed new novices, but few had what was required to devote their life to the secret struggle - not by a long shot. The Head of the Order devised a test, set in the Valley of Riddles. The test consisted of a series of riddles that were imposed to each who would attempt to become a member; a Heroes V scenario is dedicated to the trials of a young Falcon citizen, who successfully solved the riddles and became a Dragon Knight. Most likely, both Tieru and Aidan Unicorn had to pass the same test when they became members.

Hidden houses Edit

The Hidden Houses were the secret hideouts of the Dragon Knight Order. Built in 104 YSD, after the death of the Order's founder, they acted as bases for the Dragon Knights until 717, when they were destroyed in the bloody war of the Third Eclipse.

Known membersEdit