Dogwoggle is a hero in Heroes of Might and Magic IV and a campaign hero in its add-on, The Gathering Storm.


Dogwoggle is a hapless hero who has a way of getting into trouble. He often brags about his abilities (which are questionable) and exhibits unflagging confidence no matter how often he fails. However, with his mindless persistence, he always manages to stumble out of trouble and come out on top.OffBck

Dogwoggle was one of the five heroes that set out from Devonshire to gather magical artifacts, as they intended to take on the powerful Hexis, a magician that twisted nature around him to increase his own power. Dogwoggle sought the three pieces of the Armor of the Tiger: the Tiger Armor, the Tiger Helm, and the Frost Hammer. The artifacts were in the hands of three brothers.

After facing off against Adram Blacksword, the knight that possessed the Frost Hammer, Dogwoggle travelled to the lands of Carsas Blacksword, a sorcerer, to fight him for the Tiger Armor. The Tiger Helm was in the lands of the necromancer Pratlan Blacksword. After defeating him, Dogwoggle managed to gain entrance to the Helm's location.

With the three artifacts in hand, Dogwoggle returned to Devonshire to prepare for the final confrotation with Hexis. With their combined powers, the five heroes managed to defeat the powerful magician.


Heroes IVEdit

Dogwoggle is a Barbarian.

Heroes VIIEdit

Every Dog Has His DayEdit

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Dogwoggle appears in Heroes of Might and Magic IV and its add-on, The Gathering Storm, as well as in Might & Magic: Heroes VII.


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