For other uses, see genie.
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Djinni - MM VII
Hit Points: 207
Armor Class: 35
Damage: 8D4+8
Fly: Yes
Movement limit: Free
Speed: 200
Attack Speed: 60
AI type: Aggressive
Preferred enemy: Monk
Primary attack: Water (ranged)
Spells: Level 8 master acid burst (25%)
Experience: 1,419
Treasure: 30% chance for a level 4 item
Fire: 30
Air: 30
Water: Immune
Earth: 30
Mind: 50
Spirit: 0
Body: 50
Light: 10
Dark: 10
Physical: 30

The djinni is a monster in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Its stronger versions are the genie and efreet.

Djinni can be encountered in the Walls of Mist. They have a ranged water attack and are immune to water damage, but have no resistance to spirit damage. They have a 25% chance of casting the acid burst spell. They will target Monks in the party.

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