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Icon-MM8.png Dire wolf yearling Icon-MM8.png
Dire wolf.jpg
Hit Points: 35
Armor Class: 5
Damage: 5d4
Movement limit: Long
Speed: 275
Attack Speed: 100
AI type: Suicidal
Primary attack: Physical
Experience: 171
Treasure: 15% chance for a level 1 ring
Fire: 0
Air: 0
Water: 0
Earth: 0
Mind: 0
Spirit: 0
Body: 0
Light: 0
Dark: 0
Physical: 0

The dire wolf yearling is a monster in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. Its stronger versions are the dire wolf and pack leader.


Dire wolf yearlings attack in pack. Since they aren't shooters, they can be easily killed by a shooting barrage. Unlike most monsters in the game, dire wolf yearlings don't drop gold. There is a chance to pick a ring from its dead body though.


It is located outside the city of Ravenshore and in the Dire wolf den.