Dirael is a common Tavern hero of the Sylvan faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. In the Defense map of the Ranger campaign, she plays the role of one of the two imprisoned heroes that Findan has to free, and later accompanies him to face the undead King Nicolai.

Background Edit

Hovering wasps, circling hornets, busy honeybees -- from childhood Dirael found these tiny flying creatures beautiful and fascinating, like precious buzzing jewels. She was so enamored that she became a Druid, to better delve into their lore and understand their mysteries. Eventually she responded to the call of the Harmony and went to war, and now she serves Sylanna by summoning hordes of her favorite creatures to sting and harass the enemy.OffBck


Heroes VEdit

Dirael is a Ranger.


Hero Trait
H5SpecSwarmQueen Swarm Queen
Wasp Swarm spell is more effective depending on hero level.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicAvenger Basic Avenger
H5BasicSummoningMagic Summoning Magic H5MasterofConjuration Master of Conjuration

Heroes VIIEdit

Dirael is a Starsinger.


Hero Trait
Pixie Enchanter Pixie Enchanter
Governor: +10 Pixie and Sprite growth in the town's area of control.OffBck


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