Deyja, kingdom of the Necromancers, lies in the northern barren land part of Antagarich.

Geography Edit

Deyja borders Erathia to the south and west and AvLee to the north and east.

History Edit

Deyja was formed after the Necromancers were expelled from Bracada and settled in AvLee[1].

Almost a thousand years later, the Lich King Finneas Vilmar devised a plan to attack the human kingdom of Erathia. He allied himself with an Erathian general, Lord Haart, and poisoned King Nicolas Gryphonheart in 1164 AS. During the following Restoration Wars, Deyjan Necromancers took opportunity of the chaos that fell upon Erathian lands after the king's death. They resurrected the recently deceased king and made him a commander of undead legions in a fight against his former nation. But he, in an unexpected twist of fate, overthrew King Vilmar and became new lich king.

Not all of the lords of Deyja were pleased with this progress. Mot, a Death Knight, rebelled against the new Lich King, but was defeated. Then Necromancers raised an army of more than 2500 skeletons and invaded Erathia. They captured the northern borderlands. But some Necromancers, tired of Gryphonheart, defected to Erathia and with the aid of Erathia, Bracada and AvLee armies, drove their former king's armies back to Deyja. King Nicolas, after he avenged his death and killed his murderer, departed to his final rest.

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