The devil is the seventh-tier creature of the Inferno faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. It can be recruited from the forsaken palace. The devil can be upgraded to the arch devil.

Devils and arch devils can teleport to any hex on the battlefield. Their overwhelming attack leaves no possibility for a retaliatory strike. They also do 150% damage to angels and reduce enemy Luck by one when they appear on the battlefield.OffBck

Devils are very useful when attempting to attack enemy towns because of its Teleport movement type - walls don't stop them from getting in. However, their teleport ability is rather limited - they can teleport only as far as their speed allows them to. As devils are unupgraded creatures, their speed is rather low and thus they rarely get to reach anyone on their first move, but they are still very useful in long battles. Their ability to lower enemy luck statistic is useful.

No retaliation makes them last longer and can be used for sneak attacks - wait one turn, teleport and hit and, when the next round starts, teleport back to safety. Hate to angels is very useful when doing such sneak attacks as well, because angels take 50% more damage and can not retaliate. When in a duel, a devil defeats an angel.

A good use of devils would be to attack support or ranged troops; however, they have relatively low defense, so you will lose a lot of them once the whole enemy army piles up on them - unless the hero has more fast troops to draw enemy attention to.



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