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The Demoniac is the Might hero class of the Inferno faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its Magic counterpart is the Heretic.

Demoniacs are people (often ex-Heretics) who have been completely possessed by one or more demons. Though they have a natural predisposition to gaining magical power, Demoniacs also acquire balancing military skills as well.OffBck

When leveling up, demoniacs are most likely to gain attack or defense (35% each), and less likely to learn knowledge or spellpower (15% each) for the first ten levels. After level ten, they gain knowledge and spell power (30% each) before attack and defense (20% each).

Skill probability[]

Probability Skill
10 Logistics
8 Offense
7 Armorer, Ballistics
6 Archery, Resistance, Tactics
5 Artillery, Scouting
4 Diplomacy, Fire Magic, Learning, Navigation, Pathfinding, Wisdom
3 Eagle Eye, Earth Magic, Estates, Leadership, Sorcery
2 Air Magic, First Aid, Intelligence, Luck, Mysticism, Scholar
1 Water Magic
0 Necromancy

Notable demoniacs[]

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