The demon queen is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. She can be found in The Hive, and is one of the last monsters that the party encounters in the game.

Her position in the kreegan hierarchy isn't made clear (Xenofex was the leader of the kreegans at this point), but her appearance suggests that she occupies a similar role to a queen ant or queen bee - the mother of most (or all) of the kreegans in the Hive.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Icon-MM6.png Demon queen Icon-MM6.png
DemonQueenMM6 icon.png
Hit Points: 1300
Armor Class: 40
Special attack: Drain SP
Damage: 2D8+20
Primary attack: Physical
Spells: Incinerate
Level: 100
Experience: 1100
Magic: Immune
Fire: Immune
Physical: 50
Electric: 50
Cold: 50
Poison: 50

The demon queen will strike the party with her claws, dealing 2D8+20 physical damage, or use the incinerate spell.

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