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Arch demon

An archdemon from Heroes V.

The demons of Ashan are servants of Urgash, the Dragon of Chaos. They dwell in Sheogh, the prison of Urgash, ever since Sar-Elam sacrificed himself to imprison them away from the children of Asha. A tiny crack in the prison he constructed allows the demons to spread across the world every time a Lunar Eclipse occurs, which is a very rare occurrence. The other beings in Ashan often band together to beat these invaders back.

The Demon Sovereign, Kha-Beleth, sired Sareth, the demon messiah, so that he could help the demons escape their prison. With the Skull of Shadows, the only earthly remains of Sar-Elam, in his possession, Sareth was given the choice of freeing the demons, or imprisoning them.

The demons of Sheogh are vicious and cruel, delighting in tormenting and murdering others. They have little respect for anything but power, and will betray each other at the earliest opportunity.