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Demero is a floating city-island that appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist.

A hundred years before the events of the novel, a group of pirates stumbled their way into the Sea of Mist. After discovering the Mist's ability to travel between worlds, they decided to use it as a base while they conducted raids. But slowly, their numbers began to dwindle - their crewmen were sometimes killed, and it was hard to find recruits. A small group of necromancers among them decided to take matters in their own hands, and raised their dead shipmates as zombies.

After this, the pirates would bring back their fallen enemies after raids, to be raised and join their undead crew. The pirates also took their victims' ships, tying them to the original ones and creating a vast flotilla.

In time, the demon Sendark became the ruler of the floating island, and he named it Demero. Eager to conquer the town of Soronne and control its Magistracy, he conspired with two of the Magistracy's seconds-in-command: Commander Lenik and Fahd Mandel. Once his preparations were complete, he sailed the Demero out of the Mist and started to siege Soronne.

The Sea of Mist by Mel Odom
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