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"It is only because you are under Bastian Loudrin's protection that I have allowed you this audience. Know that you stand before Deftclaw Redreaver, Ultimate Flightleader of the Dragons of Jadame. I am not to be tarried with. Speak your business!"

Deftclaw Redreaver is a character in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. He is the King of Dragons, and a potential member of the Alliance of Jadame.


"To attain the status of Great Wyrm, a Dragon must prove that he can handle himself against a great number of foes. He must face down the vermin that Charles Quixote would send against us. To the southwest of here, Quixote has established an encampment of his puny "Dragon Slayers." This camp is lead by Jeric Whistlebone, the second in command of Quixote's army. Destroy this camp! Kill all of those who serve Quixote in that region and return to me. Return to me with the sword of Wistlebone the Slayer. In doing this, you will prove to me your worthiness."

Deftclaw Redreaver's dragons were fighting to survive, battling against Charles Quixote's dragon hunters. The hunters stole an egg which contained Deftclaw's unborn heir, and he dared not attack his enemies until the egg was retrieved.

When the Hero of Jadame arrived to convince Deftclaw to join the Alliance of Jadame, the dragon responded that he would join if his egg was retrieved. The hero then had to choose whether to support the dragon hunters or the dragons.


Deftclaw Redreaver can be found in the Dragon Cave in Garrote Gorge. He gives the party the Find the Dragon Egg quest, which must be completed to have the dragons join the Alliance of Jadame. If the party chooses to align with the dragons, after completing this quest, Deftclaw can be found in the Merchant House in Ravenshore. Alternatively, the party can complete the Recover the Dragon Egg quest to ally with Charles Quixote's dragon hunters.

To promote dragons in the party to great wyrms, the party must complete the Kill all Dragon Slayers quest. This involves going to the training area near the Dragon Cave and kill all the dragon hunters, then bringing the Sword of Whistlebone back to Deftclaw. Note that this quest can be completed even if the party has chosen to side with the dragon hunters, although the party will then need to fight their way through the Dragon Cave to see Deftclaw Redreaver.


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