Icon-MM6 Defender of VARN Icon-MM6
Hit Points: 227
Armor Class: 40
Damage: 3D6+20
Attack Speed: 80
Primary attack: Physical
Secondary attack percent: 20
Secondary attack: Energy
Secondary damage: 5D6
Secondary attack ranged: Energy
Spells: Psychic shock
Spell use %: 20
Level: 35
Experience: 1575
Treasure: 100D10 gold
Magic: Immune
Fire: 20
Physical: 10
Electric: 20
Cold: 20
Poison: 20

The defender of VARN is a monster in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Its stronger versions are the sentinel of VARN and guardian of VARN.

Defenders of VARN usually attack in close combat, dealing 3D6+20 damage. They have a 20% chance to use a ranged energy attack that deals 5D6 damage, and a 20% chance to use the psychic shock spell.

They are immune to magic, and can be encountered in the Tomb of VARN.

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