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Female and male Death Knight

DeathKnightH4 ranged

Female and male Death Knight, ranged

The Death Knight is the basic might class for the Necropolis. It starts with Basic Tactics and Basic Offense. Be careful with the development of a Death Knight: the General and Lord Commander advanced classes, which grant morale bonuses, are useless to an undead army (though still useful for demonic creatures like venom spawn and devils).

Description Edit

The cruel and merciless Death Knight dedicates his considerable skills as a leader to the eradication of his enemy. It is a dangerous profession since few have the wickedness to survive as the commander of legions of demons and undead.

Skills Edit

The Death Knight is most likely to learn Tactics, and fairly likely to learn Combat, Death Magic and Chaos magic. Death Knights cannot learn Life Magic or Nature Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.

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