A dasher brute in the PC version

The Dashers are a proud, inflexible race that has long inhabited the forest of Duskwood. They claim the ancient forest as their own and even within their own race there is fierce competition for territory, honor and hunting privileges. Dasher society is organized tribally around a tribe-appointed leader, several mystics and a strict honor code that draws them into a close-knit family that rejects outsiders.OffBck

The Dashers are a race of insectoid beings that live in the world of Ardon, and appear in Crusaders of Might and Magic. They are described as "a noble race of tribespeople."

Lore Edit

The dashers live in the forest of Duskwood. They are enemies of the ogres, and prefer to have little contact with outsiders. On occasion, they will publicly execute interlopers to reinforce this point. Dashers usually live for at least two hundred years, barring accidents.

Dashers live their lives according to a principle that humans usually translate as "efficiency", but also means "simplicity" or "purity". It involves only using the things that are absolutely necessary, but they use those things to the fullest. Most dashers hold humans in contempt, calling them "complicated" and "disorganized", which are huge insults in their culture.

The dashers do not have a written language, but memorize their tales by heart. Even half-grown children can recite the "17 Great Stories" word for word, each of which takes at least two or three hours to sing. When they reach adulthood, they are expected to know around a hundred tales, and the elders know thousands.

Dashers do not fear death, and believe it to be the first step on the path to "Booba Rorooka", an afterlife of some sort.

Tamris Edit

Tamris is the leader of the dashers. At the age of fifty, he had already reached the rank of war-leader, while he became High Chief when he was barely 70. He was appointed ruler when he won the favor of the Spirit of the Wood, who recognized him as the bravest and strongest of his people. Tamris was a wise ruler, and knew the lore as well as someone three times his age. He liked humans, and saw them not as inferior, but different. He believed that the two races could learn from each other.

A young human named Dikken was raised by Tamris and the dashers when his parents were slain by the Legion of the Fallen. He later returned to human society, and became a Crusader Knight. Celestia asked him to write a report on the dashers, and wondered if it would be possible to form an alliance with them. Dikken told her that the dashers would welcome a chance to mobilize against Necros, but that the Crusaders should take care to treat them as equals - if the humans tried to approach them as their betters, the dashers would refuse to even talk to them.

Creatures Edit

Drake encounters dasher scouts and dasher brutes in the game. In the PS1 version, he also faces dasher rangers.

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