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For the magical school in other games, see Dark Magic.

"Dark magic spells are the strongest spells in Enroth. While casting spells of darkness can have spectacular results, dark spells sometimes come with unwanted side effects. Dark magic cannot be chosen before creating your characters, and is restricted to Clerics and Sorcerers."

Dark Magic is a skill in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven that allows the character to learn and cast dark magic spells. Skill mastery affects what spells are available, and the effects of those spells. Clerics and sorcerers can learn the skill at Dark Magic guilds present in certain mid-game towns.


To learn master dark magic, characters need a notorious reputation. It is possible to master both Light and Dark magic in sequence by first mastering Light Magic then lowering reputation to Notorious (through either killing friendly NPCs or, for the squeamish, simply supporting the evil Temple of Baa with a pittance in donations) in order to master Dark Magic as well.


"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"

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Reanimate: Costs 20 spell points. Reanimate allows casters to raise a lifeless creature from the dead.

  • Normal: Creature gets 10 hit points per skill point (up to creature's maximum).
  • Expert: Creature gets 20 hit points per skill point.
  • Master: Creature gets 30 hit points per skill point.

Toxic Cloud: Costs 30 spell points. A poisonous cloud of noxious gases is formed in front of the caster and moves slowly away from the characters. The cloud does 25 points of damage plus 1-10 per skill point and lasts until something runs into it.

  • Normal: Moderate recovery rate.
  • Expert: Faster recovery rate.
  • Master: Fastest recovery rate.

Mass Curse: Costs 40 spell points. Inflicts the cursed condition on all monsters in the sight of the caster.

  • Normal: Duration 2 minutes per skill point.
  • Expert: Duration 3 minutes per skill point.
  • Master: Duration 4 minutes per skill point.

Shrapmetal: Costs 50 spell points. Fires a blast of hot, jagged metal in front of the caster, striking any creature that gets in the way. Each piece inflicts 6 points of damage plus 1-6 per skill point.

  • Normal: Moderate recovery rate and 3 fragments.
  • Expert: Faster recovery rate and 5 fragments.
  • Master: Even faster recovery rate and 7 fragments.

Shrinking Ray: Costs 60 spell points. Shrinks even the grandest of monsters to more manageable sizes. Duration of this spell is 5 minutes per skill point. A shrunken monster deals one half, one third, or one quarter its normal damage while shrunk.

  • Normal: Reduces monster size to half.
  • Expert: Reduces monster size to one third.
  • Master: Reduces monster size to one fourth.

Day Of Potection: Costs 70 spell points. Simultaneously casts Protection from Fire, Electricity, Cold, Poison, and Magic, plus Feather Fall and Wizard Eye on all characters according to caster's skill in Dark Magic.

  • Normal: All spells cast at twice skill in Dark Magic.
  • Expert: All spells cast at three times skill in Dark Magic.
  • Master: All spells cast at four times skill in Dark Magic.

Finger of Death: Costs 80 spell points. Attempts to immediately slay a single creature by stripping its soul from its body. Finger of Death has a 3% chance per skill point of working, with Experts and Masters getting 4 and 5% chances respectively.

  • Normal: 3% chance of success per skill point.
  • Expert: 4% chance of success per skill point.
  • Master: 5% chance of success per skill point.

Moon Ray: Costs 90 spell points. A powerful spell of Darkness, Moon Ray heals the characters and damages all monsters in sight. It doesn't do a lot of damage or cure conditions, but it is the only spell that harms all monsters in sight and works outside. Moon Ray is restricted to working outdoors and at night. All monsters take 1-4 points of damage per skill point, and all characters heal 1-4 points of damage per skill point.

  • Normal: Slow recovery rate.
  • Expert: Faster recovery rate.
  • Master: Fastest recovery rate.

Dragon Breath: Costs 100 spell points. Dragon Breath empowers the caster to exhale a cloud of toxic vapors that target a single monster and damage all creatures nearby. This spell is the most powerful damage spell in the lands, doing 1-25 points of damage per skill point.

  • Normal: Slow recovery rate.
  • Expert: Faster recovery rate.
  • Master: Fastest recovery rate.

Armageddon: Costs 150 spell points. This spell is the town killer. It can only be cast once per day by Apprentices to Dark Magic, and only outdoors at that. Armageddon inflicts 50 points of damage plus 1 point of damage for every point of Dark skill the character has to every creature on the map, including all the characters.

  • Normal: Works once per day.
  • Expert: Works twice per day.
  • Master: Works thrice per day.

Dark Containment: Costs 200 spell points. This spell attempts to trap the force of darkness into its victims, hence the name Dark Containment. The target of the spell will suffer from random effects- though certain creatures are immune to this spell.

  • Normal: Slow recovery rate.
  • Expert: Faster recovery rate.
  • Master: Fastest recovery rate.