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Daria is a character in the Might and Magic universe. She is a villain in Warriors of Might and Magic, the main villain in Shifters, and a minor character in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist.

Daria's and Aleron's destinies are linked by a prophecy that will allow only one of them to succeed in ascending from Ardon to the land of the Ancients.OffBck



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In Warriors, Daria was a necromancer who was attempting to free Daglathor, a powerful kreegan who was sealed in a volcano by the Ancients. She was stopped by her half-brother Alleron.


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In Shifters, Daria returned to fight Alleron. She acts as the main villain in the game.

The Sea of Mist[]

In The Sea of Mist, it is revealed that Daria had a child with a god of darkness. The boy, named Praz-El, was sent away from his mother in order to keep him safe and hidden from dark forces that wanted to kill him. For the first six years of his life, he learned combat and magic from the demon Nymus, after which he was sent to study at the Magistracy of Soronne.

Daria was mentioned by the dwarf Clancy, though not by name. Clancy told Praz-El that he had risked his life for him and his mother many times, even though he should probably just have left "after what she up an' done".

At the end of the novel, Sendark used magic to contact Daria, who reminded him that the last time they met, she promised to kill him if she ever saw him again. He told her that he had found Praz-El, and was going to find out why he had been hidden and who his father was. "And then, who knows, maybe, just maybe, you'll want to be friends again..." He then ended the conversation before she could answer.

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