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Damage Calculation[]

Heroes III[]

The total damage inflicted in an attack is calculated after the following formula: , where:

  • is the damage displayed for every unit in its stats (e.g. 40-50 for a Black Dragon). For a stack of creatures it is calculated as such:
    • If there are less than 10 creatures in a stack, then a random integer is chosen from the damage range for each creature, and these numbers are added up.
    • If there are more than 10 creatures in a stack, 10 random integers are chosen from the damage range of the creature type and are added up. The result is multiplied by n/10, where n is the number of creatures in the stack, and rounded down.

The probability that the resulting base damage will be in the lowest/highest is 25% (approximately):

  • , , ,... are damage bonuses
  • , , ,... are damage reductions (both as decimal numbers)

Damage Bonuses[]

Situation Bonus
Attacker's Attack Skill > Defender's Defense Skill 0,05 * (A - D), (capped at 3)
Attacker is a shooter Archery Skill bonus, additive with artifact bonuses if Archery skill present
Attacker is a Ballista, does double damage 1
Attacking hero has Archery specialty 0,05 * Hero level * Archery bonus
Attacking hero has Offense Skill Offense skill bonus
Attacking hero has Offense specialty 0,05 * Hero level * Offense bonus
Attacker gets Luck 1
Attacker is a Cavalier/Champion 0,05 * hexes traveled
Attacker is an opposite Elemental type 1
Attacker 'hates' the Defender 0,5
Dread knight's double damage 1
Bless specialty Hero, Bless is cast 0,03 * Hero level / Unit level

Damage Reductions[]

Situation Reduction
Defender's Defense > Attacker's Attack 0,025 * (D – A), up to a maximum of 0,7
Defending hero has Armorer Armorer skill bonus
Defending hero has specialty Armorer 0,05 * Hero level *Armorer bonus, additive with base Armorer bonus
Defender has Shield spell applied Shield spell bonus
Attacker is a shooter, Basic Air Shield is cast 0,25
Attacker is a shooter with range, wall or melee penalty, or Advanced Air Shield is cast 0,5
Attacking a petrified unit 0,5
Attacker is Psychic Elemental, defender is immune to Mind spells 0,5
Attacker is Magic Elemental, defender is Magic Elemental or the Black Dragon 0,5
Unit retaliates from Basic Blind state 0,5
Unit retaliates from Advanced Blind state 0,75
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