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This article is about the region. For information on the village of Blood Drop, including the shops, quests, and NPCs there, see the Blood Drop page.

Dagger Wound Islands is a region in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It is the location of Blood Drop, the game's starting town, and inhabited by Lizardmen.

Map guide[]

  1. Home of Chevon Wist, who teaches expert Disarm Trap, and Ich, who teaches grandmaster Alchemy.
  2. Home of Thistle, who gives the Bring Thistle ingredients quest, and Shivan Keeneye, who teaches expert Bow.
  3. Home of Languid, who gives the Find and return an Anointed Potion quest, and Eithian, who teaches master Identify Item.
  4. A teleporter to point 5.
  5. A teleporter to point 4.
  6. Home of Zevah Poised, who teaches expert Body Magic.
  7. Home of Isthric, who must be visited to solve the Find Isthric the Tongue quest, and Fishner Thomb, who teaches expert Merchant.
  8. Home of Bone, who teaches expert Plate Armor.
  9. A teleporter to point 10.
  10. A teleporter to point 9.
  11. The abandoned temple.
  12. Home of Menasaur, who teaches expert Body Building, and Dirthic, minor NPC.
  13. Home of Husk, minor NPC.
  14. Home of Lasatin, who teaches master armsmaster.
  15. The docks, which offer travel to Ravenshore.
  16. The abandoned temple's exit.
  17. A teleporter to Blood Drop.
  18. The Uplifted library.
  19. The gate to the Plane of Earth.
  20. Obelisk 9. Part of the obelisk quest. The inscription reads: SUMMERDAY
  21. The Pirate outpost.

Other Features[]

  • Pillar of Fire Resistance: Confers +15 Fire Resistance to the entire party for 5 hours. Stands just outside the entrance to the abandoned temple.
  • Attribute Game: Confers +3 skill points to the winner, who must have at least a 25 in the listed attribute in order to win. As many players as have the required attribute score may win; however, each player may only try the game one time; if lost, it is lost forever. Temporary attribute boosts do count. The attribute is randomly decided for each Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer game. Located just outside the entrance to the abandoned temple.

Ship Schedule[]

The ship is available only after reaching the island on which the docks are located. Once reached through the Abandoned temple, they will be available directly from Blood Drop via teleporter.

The Windling 75gp
Destination Departs Arrives
Ravenshore Monday Friday
Ravenshore Tuesday Saturday
Ravenshore Wednesday Sunday
Ravenshore Thursday Monday
Ravenshore Friday Tuesday
Ravenshore Saturday Wednesday
Ravenshore Sunday Thursday



  • Trap difficulty: 0
  • Trap deadliness: 0
  • Treasure value: 0
  • Perception: 0


Regional map from http://www.the-spoiler.com/

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