Daeva is a hero featured in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


A Succubus serving under the Arch-Demon Kha-Beleth, Daeva is finding life in Sheogh nothing like the dance over hot coals she feared it might be.
In fact, compared to her living years – a violent, abusive father, her subsequent murder of this wicked man, her capture by slavers that let to further abuse, a meeting with demon cultists that sent her to the jails of the Inquisition and a slow, painful death – her days in Urgash’s realm are wicked fun.
Flinty and flirtatious, Daeva is finding it difficult to believe that Kha-Beleth won’t turn out to be like every other man who’s made her life hell, but she’s determined to enjoy the ride while it lasts.


Heroes VIEdit

Her specialization, Succubus Master, grants the attacks of Succubi the immolation effect.

Heroes OnlineEdit

Daeva is a boss creature with 4850 hit points, 500 fire attack (ranged), 210 fire retaliation, 10 initiative, 2 speed (flying), 50% fire resistance, 30% prime resistance and 80% siege resistance. She also has the following abilities:

  • Burning Beauty - Greatly increases Resistance against all Damage. Every two Rounds, Burning Beauty has to reignite itself, which takes one Round. This Ability cannot be dispelled.
    • Duration - 2 rounds



Daeva appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic: Heroes Online.

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