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Cyrus is a hero in Heroes of Might and Magic V.


Before Queen Isabel's WarEdit

Cyrus CoH

Cyrus, in Clash of Heroes

Cyrus was destined for greatness, as from an early age he showed the combination of natural talent and intense competitive ambition that leaders often posess. Mercilessly fighting his way to the top, Cyrus became a young and dynamic First of the Circle. Though over time his brilliance faded under the weight of a huge ego and a tendency to avarice, Cyrus remained a Mage of impressive power.OffBck

Cyrus was one of Azh Rafir's apprentices until he was corrupted and sent him and Nadia to prison. Cyrus gave confidence to Nadia to usurp and defeat her father, ending his plan to free the demons. Later, he married her and they had a son, Zehir.

Cyrus became the grand archmage of Silver Cities. He fought (along with High King Alaron and Alexei) in War of the Eclipse, but he didn't enter through the portal of Sheogh. Afterwards, he returned back to Silver Cities where he continued to raise up his son, Zehir.

During Queen Isabel's WarEdit

During Queen Isabel's War, Cyrus turned away Godric, as he requested help for fighting the Demon invasion and saving King Nicolai Griffin, laughing in his face when he begged. He was slayed when Markal took the Ring of the Unrepentant, and, when Markal bound himself to Ring before his death, altered to look like him to slay Zehir.


Cyrus is a Wizard.

Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesEdit


Hero Trait
Staff of Explosia Staff of Explosia
Staff damages units when it hits, stays on the battlefield for 2 turns before exploding.OffBck


Cyrus wakes up Nadia and prepares her for the battles against Azh Rafir and his guards.


Cyrus encourages Nadia to stay strong, as her family was slain.

Heroes of Might and Magic VEdit


Hero Trait
H5SpecSpellTwister Spell Twister
The Spell Twister ability increases the chance that redirected enemy spells land on one of the enemy units instead of going in a random direction.OffBck

Skills Abilities
H5BasicArtificer Basic Artificer H5MagicMirror Magic Mirror
H5BasicLuck Basic Luck


The NecromancerEdit
  • The Invasion: Before Markal can reach Cyrus, he flees to the world inside the Ring of Unrepentant.
  • The Regicide: Markal has to defeat Cyrus in order to retrieve the Ring.

Hammers of FateEdit

  • Temptation: Zehir needs to enter the realm of the Ring of the Unrepentant. When he spots him, Cyrus acts very odd, revealing to be Markal, actually.


Cyrus appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V and Hammers of Fate.


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