The Crystal Pendulum is a large, wagon-mounted pendulum appearing in the Price of Peace campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

King Gavin Magnus placed the magical Rainbow Crystal he had aquired as the centerpiece of a great magical pendulum, and when he set it spinning, anyone who came within a certain distance of it fell under his will.

The Pendulum first appears in the An Unusual Betrayal scenario. The young knight Reed tells queen Emilia Nighthaven of Great Arcan that their foe, the genie Solmyr, came to his home town, seated in the back of a wagon. Standing in the back of the wagon was the crystal pendulum, and Emilia's friend Lord Landrew, along with his forces, came under the pendulum's control.

King Magnus could use the Pendulum to steal the will of anyone who opposed him, and planned to take over the world, placing everyone under the Pendulum's control to bring everlasting peace and order.

The genie Solmyr, fearing the Pendulum's power, joined forces with his formed foe queen Emilia, and they learned that the Mind Shield could protect them from the Crystal's power. Protected by the Mind Shield, they battled Magnus' armies. Solmyr destroyed the Pendulum with an Lightning Bolt, and both the Rainbow Crystal and Magnus' mind was shattered. Everyone who had been under the Crystal's control, were returned to normal.

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