The attributes of a gargoyle in Heroes I

Creature attributes are the creature statistics in the Heroes of Might and Magic games that determine how well a specific creature does in combat. Higher-tier creatures often have better attributes, making them more dangerous to their opponents.

In combat, the creatures of a hero add that hero's primary skills to their own - the hero's attack to the creature's attack, and the hero's defense to the creature's defense. The exception is in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, where heroes fight on their own, and don't add to their creature's attributes unless they have the tactics skill.

Creature attributes[edit | edit source]

These appear in all Heroes games

  • Attack - The higher the attack skill, the more damage the opponent will suffer.OffBck
  • Defense - The higher the defense skill level, the less damage the opponent can inflict to that troop.OffBck
  • Damage - Refers to the damage that each creature in a troop can inflict upon an enemy.OffBck
  • Ammunition - Reflects the number of shots a unit has in battle.OffBck
  • Hit points - The amount of damage each creature in that unit can take before it is obliterated.OffBck
  • Morale - A good morale result during combat may enable the unit to attack again, while a bad morale may freeze that unit in a state of panic.OffBck
  • Luck - Units with good luck have the potential to do double damage on an attack. Bad luck can cause half damage.OffBck

These appear in some Heroes games

  • Speed - Refers to the order and distance a creature can move.OffBck
  • Initiative - Initiative replaces speed in later Heroes games
  • Movement - This is how far a troop can move on the Adventure Map in a single turn, and the number of remaining movement points for that turn.OffBck
  • Spell points - The total number of points a troop has to spend on spell casting.OffBck

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