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"No retaliation" ability from Heroes IV.

Creature abilities are special skills possessed by some creatures in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. They have appeared in every game in the series.

The abilities give these creatures special combat rules. One example is the No retaliation ability, found in several games. When one of these creatures attacks another, they are not allowed a retaliation strike. The naga from Heroes III is such a creature.

Spellcasting is another ability - a creature will need to have this ability to be able to cast spells like a hero. Their spellbook depends on what creature they are, and creatures cannot learn spells from shrines or magic guilds. They always begin combat with the same number of spell points, and unlike heroes, spending spell point does not drain them for the next combat, so if given the choice, it's usually better to cast spells with the creatures rather than the hero.

Most abilities give the creatures an advantage in combat, and can seperate winners from losers. Upgraded creatures often have more or better creature abilities than unupgraded creatures.