A creature is a non-hero unit in the Heroes of Might and Magic games. A creature can be a soldier, an animal, a mythical beast, or other being. They can be hired from any town, with the type of creatures available depending on the faction, and on what creature dwellings have been constructed. They can also be hired from external dwellings, which are dwellings located on the adventure map, outside of towns.

In most of the games, a hero needs creatures in his army to remain in play; losing all their creatures in combat means that the hero is beaten, and they are unable to place all their creatures into a garrison. In Heroes of Might and Magic IV, however, heroes can fight on their own, and can move around without creatures. And in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, heroes can move without creatures, but if they enter combat, they automatically lose.

Creatures are divided into tiers, which reveal their strength relative to another. In Heroes I and Heroes II, there are six tiers of creatures. Heroes III and Heroes V have seven tiers, while Heroes IV has four tiers.

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