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Lord Corlagon is a campaign hero in the main campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars, and is the general of Archibald Ironfist. He also appears in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven, and the Might & Magic: Heroes VI scenario The Succession Wars.


Archibald's loyal and trusted advisor, General Corlagon was rapidly appointed Hand of the King. One of the most brilliant minds of the realm when it comes to warfare, Corlagon has also become an active student of Necromancy. Unfortunately, the mastery of magic is proving to be his toughest battle yet.OffBck


Heroes II[]

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Might and Magic VI[]

The protagonists visit Corlagon's Estate, which he was granted by Archibald for his loyal service, in search of the Crystal of Terrax for Albert Newton. They find out that after Archibald's defeat, Corlagon took up the study of dark magic with the help of the crystal and turned his estate into a haunted house. They finally face and defeat Corlagon himself who has become a power lich.

Heroes VI[]

  • The Succession Wars: Corlagon tries to defeat Roland.


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