The Convocation of Cataclysm is a ritual that appears in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It was used by Escaton in his attempt to destroy Enroth.

Escaton was tasked with eliminating the kreegans, so that the Ancients would be free to rebuild the Web of Worlds. When he learned that Enroth was infested with kreegans, he decided that destroying the planet was the best way to get rid of them. He performed the convocation to summon a crystal on Jadame. This would force the Elemental Planes to open their worlds onto Enroth, and the forces of the elements would eventually rip the planet apart.

He knew that the elemental lords could fight the effects of the crystal, so Escaton had all four of them imprisoned in the Plane Between Planes, preventing them from interfering.

Escaton later learned that the kreegans on Enroth had already been wiped out, and that there was no need to destroy the planet, but his programming wouldn't allow him to end the convocation - once it had begun, it had to continue.

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