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For the Duke of the Stag Duchy, see Connell.

Connel Traxton was a general in the Erathian army, serving under king Nicolas Gryphonheart.

In 1151 AS, Traxton wanted to put a stop to Catherine's rapid rise through the ranks of the army, and started a rebellion in the Contested Lands, with a group of rebels claiming to be the descendants of the Phynaxian Empire. When Catherine arrived with her soldiers to put an end to the uprising, she was ambushed by an army twice her size, consisting mainly of orcs and goblins. Either through tactics or a miracle, she emerged victorious, and the captured enemy commander admitted that he'd been sent there by Connel Traxton.

It is said that Connel Traxton actually fainted when he heard the news. The commander was executed, but rather than let Traxton suffer the same fate, Catherine wanted to duel the now former general. According to records, Catherine slew Traxton before either of them had broken a sweat.

Catherine was given the Erathian Medal of Courage by her proud father for her victory.