Cobby is a character that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. He was one of the soldiers that accompanied Diligence's caravan when it left The Wheel. Like the other soldiers, he was clad in black armor. He was a quiet man, and spoke with a stutter.

Cobby was one of the only two guards that reached the crystal palace with the caravan, the other being Shevoss. When the rest of the caravan decided to head back home, Cobby chose to stay behind, as he had no family, and had come to greatly admire Amonwelle.

Amonwelle announced that it was too dangerous to send Diligence home with the caravan, and that she would instead send a disguised alter, to fool any enemies that hoped to threaten Amonwelle by capturing her daughter. Diligence convinced Cobby to help her secretly take the alter's place, so that Diligence would pretend to be an alter disguised as Diligence. Cobby did the deed with his shoulders hunched and his eyes downcast, obviously uncomfortable with betraying Amonwelle like this.

Diligence later learned that Amonwelle had expected this to happen, and had actually told Cobby to help her, long before Diligence approached him - this way, she could get her daughter safely back to The Wheel, while convincing their enemies that it was just an alter.