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"Clerics are adventuring, spell casting holy men. A Cleric is a mediocre fighter but an excellent spell caster, with spells concentrating on healing and defensive themes. Clerics and Sorcerers are the only two classes that can grandmaster in the Mirrored Path of the Light and the Dark, and the awesome spells these realms of magic offer. They are, unfortunately, rather limited in their weapons, with mace, staff, and bow being their only choices. Defense is a little better with plate and dodge skill being the only kind forbidden them."

The Cleric is one of the nine starting classes in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor. Clerics are powerful spellcasters, but less versatile with weapons. They start with 25 hit points and 10 spell points, and gain 2 hit points and 3 spell points per level.

Skills Edit

The default skills of the cleric class are mace and body magic.

Skill Basic Expert Master Grand
Sword No No No No
Axe No No No No
Staff Yes No No No
Spear No No No No
Dagger No No No No
Bow Yes Yes No No
Mace Yes Yes Yes No
Unarmed No No No No
Leather Yes Yes No No
Chain Yes Yes No No
Plate No No No No
Shield Yes Yes Yes No
Dodging No No No No
Fire No No No No
Water No No No No
Air No No No No
Earth No No No No
Spirit Yes Yes No No
Mind Yes Yes No No
Body Yes Yes No No
Dark No No No No
Light No No No No
Disarm Trap No No No No
Perception Yes Yes No No
Merchant Yes Yes Yes No
Learning Yes Yes Yes No
Meditation Yes Yes Yes No
Body Building Yes No No No
Identify Item No No No No
Repair Item Yes Yes Yes No
Identify Monster Yes Yes No No
Armsmaster No No No No
Stealing No No No No
Alchemy Yes Yes No No

Promotion Edit

To be promoted to priests, clerics must seek out Daedalus Falk in Deyja and complete his quest to fetch a map from the Tidewater Caverns in Tatalia.

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