The Church of Asha is a religious order that worships Asha through Sar-Elam's teachings. It was founded by Sar-Antor, Sar-Tigon, and Sar-Bahir after the schism of the the seven disciples in 62 YSD. Sar-Antor took on the role as leader of the church.

The church consists of three congregations: the White Weavers, the Blind Brothers, and the Silent Sisters.

White Weavers Edit

The White Weavers are nurses and midwives, and were founded by Sar-Bahir. They worship Asha in her aspect as the Mother, Goddess of Life. They are responsible for blessing people, cattle, and crops for fertility and good health. In addition, they help women give birth.

Blind Brothers Edit

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The Blind Brothers are seers and chroniclers, and were founded by Sar-Antor. They worship Asha in her aspect as the Maiden, Goddess of Destiny.

Silent Sisters Edit

The Silent Sisters are undertakers, and were founded by Sar-Tigon. They worship Asha in her aspect as the Crone, Goddess of Death. The weavers are responsible for supervising funeral rites, and act as embalmers, undertakers, mourners, and spirit guides. All members of the Silent Sisters are virgin women, and they are sterilized during the initiation rites.

Within the Silent Sisters, there is a secret and select order known as the Moonblades. They are trained assassins, and wield silver daggers.