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"You discovered my true identity! Into the Soul Maze you go…"

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Charon is the ferryman of the dead of Enroth, physically appearing only in Might and Magic VI. Should the Heroes of Enroth perish during their quest, he admonishes them but explains that their destiny is not fulfilled, sending them back to the land of the living (they reawaken outside New Sorpigal). However, his price is a high one: all of the party's non-banked gold is taken, and most of their equipped gear becomes damaged.

In Might and Magic VII, should the Lords of Harmondale die, they emerge in a ghostly netherworld but are quickly returned to life, a disembodied voice similarly explaining that their quest is not at an end. Though Charon does not physically appear in this circumstance, the voice is identical to his.

He bears a striking resemblance to Skraelos, the God of the Dead who featured in Might and Magic IX, suggesting either they are the same character, or that there is a connection between the two.


  • The character is not actually named as Charon in the games: he is only referred to as such in Phelan Sykes' portfolio.[1] This may in actuality simply be a result of the artist likening him to the mythological Charon, and not necessarily his official name.



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