Changbo is a character in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.


Heroes VI Edit

Once a vassal of Lord Okane, Changbo refused to swear allegiance to his new daimyo, Hiroshi. That day he became two men. Pirate and brigand to those within earshot of the daimyo's soldiers. Hero and defender to those same folk when speaking with hushed voices in private.
A Ronin who who puts his strict moral code above all other considerations, Chango can easily gave up wealth, power or status in his quest to protect the weak from the whims of the strong.

Might and Magic X Edit

Changbo can be found in in the mountains of the Valryn Range (112,87)


Changbo is a Shogun.

He will make your party members grandmasters of Dual Wield after you have made the pilgrimage to him.

Sanctuary CampaignEdit

  • The Blood-Dimmed Tide: Irina will be forced to attack Changbo. After the battle, she can spare him (Tear points given) or kill him (Blood points given). If Irina is a Tide Master, he will join her.


Changbo appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VI and Might & Magic X: Legacy.

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