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Mac OS is gaining popularity slowly (though having slightly more trouble with the recession) and the number 2 choice of ports of Might and Magic games.

The Apple Macintosh computer has gone through many radical hardware revisions, and is the only computer legally licensed to run Mac OS. Mac OS is one of the first operating systems to have a mouse driven interface, and the one primarily responsible for its adoption into the mainstream. The Macintosh computer currently have Mac OS X (Ten), version 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Early Macintosh computers ran using Motorolla Processors. When Apple changed to Power PC processors created by IBM, a third party solution via virtualization was used to run some older software on these newer machines. Apple fundamentally changed its operating system with the release of OS X, instead basing it on the proven Unix architecture instead of their own technologies produced from scratch. This allowed for greater security and an added benefit for developers whom could more easily port their software from the better known server OS. Due to the radical changed however, Apple included their older OS 9 with each release of OS X until OS X Tiger (10.4) for backwards compatibility with the pre-OSX software on the market. With the switch to Intel Processors, the Macintosh became much more affordable with more plentiful PC components and much more efficient with more refined hardware. However, this also caused the machines to no longer be able to run Classic MacOS software as it is incompatible with the new Intel processors. The most recent version of Mac OSX (Snow Leopard) no longer runs on PowerPC based processors.

Ironically, Free software like DOSBox allows modern Mac OS users to enjoy the classic DOS versions of the Might and Magic series. Allowing Mac users to fill out their library with the missing early games and spinoffs of the series.

Additionally, a Macintosh user may opt to install Windows on their Machine as well to play the more recent games in the series and the various expansions and to get access to the entire library of Might and Magic games. An option afforded by the new Intel processors.

Mac OS ranges from Classic Versions 1.0 to 9.1. OSX Versions 10.1 to 10.6.

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