The catapult is a fourth-level creature, connected to the Haven in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War. It is found at the siege workshop.

Comments Edit

The bigger, stronger cousin of the Haven Ballista.

The Catapult is one of the most dangerous creatures in Heroes IV. With good damage and an area-of-effect strike, not to mention the ability to deal full damage at any range or through walls, it is capable of reducing enemy armies to ashes in a few rounds.

As strong as it is, it is not without weaknesses. The attack will strike any unit near its target, including friendly ones, so there's a danger of friendly fire. In addition, it is almost useless in close combat - and given its lack of speed, any unit that can get close in the first round of combat (flying units, and quite a few walkers), will make it far less useless. It also has short movement, and should be left in town until it is needed in a siege.

Abilities Edit


The Ranged ability allows this creature to attack enemies at a distance, but in melee combat this creature does half damage unless it has the Normal Melee ability.


Mechanical creatures are not affected by morale, or by spells or abilities that only work on living creatures.


This creature ignores all ranged attack damage penalties for distance and does full damage to targets behind castle walls and other obstacles.


This creature's Area Attack allows its ranged attacks to strike all targets, friendly or hostile near the target, with deadly fire.

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