"I told you to see if he's in the league with the Faceless, not to burn his eyes out!"
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Castle Navan is located in Pierpont, the capital of AvLee situated in the Tularean Forest region. It appeared in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor as an explorable dungeon.

Role in Might and Magic VIIEdit

Castle Navan is an explorable dungeon in Might and Magic VII, near the city of Pierpont situated in the Tularean Forest region. Its randomly-generated treasure is of low-to-medium quality, and the dungeon respawns at least once per game year. An APV of 12 is required to access secret and hidden rooms, while the dungeon's Base Stealing Value is set at 10.

NPCs and questsEdit

King Eldrich Parson can be located in the throne room. He is the questgiver for Retrieve Plans from Fort Riverstride and Deliver the Loren Imposter quest, and acts as the destination for Deliver False Riverstride Plans. During Retrieve Gryphonheart's Trumpet, players can also give Eldrich the trumpet, cementing Harmondale's alliance with AvLee. Parson cannot be visited until after Alain Hani's invitation is issued, once Castle Harmondale is restored.

The elves' treasury is located in a locked room in the northeastern bottom of the Castle. If the player has chosen the Path of Darkness and visited Frederick Org in Erathia, they can choose to Raid the Elven Treasury in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest and return to Org to complete the Black Knight promotion quest.


The Castle is defended only by several standard Tularean guards: elven archers, elven warriors and dragonflies. The guards are not initially hostile to the player, but can easily become so; venturing beyond the patrols near King Parson's throne room or openly betraying AvLee during the AvLee-Erathia border conflict will trigger hostility.


These items are located in the Castle - the elven throne room is located on the left in the northeastern corner and the elven treasury is located on the right in the northeastern corner, they both can be found in Parson's chambers, in the cavernous point in the dungeon to the Tularean Caves. This is required to open the back door entrance from an elvish bookshelf.


  • In Might and Magic VII, the internal file name for the Castle Navan dungeon is d33.blv.



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