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Castle Lamanda is the seventh scenario of the A Strategic Quest campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. If playing as Queen Lamanda, it is omitted. It is followed by Castle Alamar (if playing as Lord Ironfist or Lord Slayer) or King-of-the-Hill (if playing as Lord Alamar).


There are three main land masses on the map. The player starts in the southeast corner with a castle and a matching town. A path through this land area leads to a stone lith; this lith connects to a second landmass in the southwest corner. This second land mass contains the only town on the map capable of building boats, which are necessary to reach Lamanda. The sorceresses control a third land mass that occupies the entire northern half of the map and whose coastline is almost entirely blocked by trees. Only a small strip of land on the coast is clear and can be used to drop off an invasion force.

The northern land has a grand total of seven sorceress castles including Castle Lamanda itself, and very large armies protect it. Trees are arranged in a maze pattern, and there are numerous dead ends. However, the player has a valuable advantage in that the enemy does not have any way to counterattack the southern lands, as the player has a monopoly on boat production. It's a good idea to have a hero back home cast "summon boat" after the invading hero disembarks, to avoid an enemy hero capturing the ship used. Provided this is done and reinforcements are continually brought to bear (either from home or captured sorceress castles) Lamanda's defeat is only a matter of time.

The map has four obelisks, each in a small pocket just south of Castle Lamanda. This area is only accessible by Dimension Door.

In-game descriptions[]


Warned of your approach, the sorceress Queen Lamanda worked on a dreadful magic and sank the approach to the only port. You must find the teleport gate to assault the southwestern land and capture the port. The only landfall is far to the northeast. From there you must struggle through the forest maze to locate her castle in the extreme northwest.OffBck

Victory message[]

You have burst through the forest maze and destroyed Lamanda's castle.OffBck