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Castle Ironfist is the fifth scenario of the A Strategic Quest campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. If playing as Lord Ironfist, it is omitted. It is followed by Castle Slayer (if playing as Queen Lamanda or Lord Alamar) or Castle Lamanda (if playing as Lord Slayer).

In-game descriptions[]


The land of the knights, led by Lord Ironfist, is divided by the twisting Floodwater River. Ironfist is counting on the river to protect him. The only town suitable to boat-building lies upon the river far to the east. To defeat Lord Ironfist, you must capture his home castle in the far northwest.OffBck

Victory message[]

The knights are broken in battle! You have conquered their homeland.OffBck


The map is divided into two main land masses: one to the south where the player starts, and one to the north which is occupied by Ironfist's Knights. In addition to the player's starting castle, the southern land area has a total of three towns, two of which always match the player's type. The northern land area includes two Knight castles and three Knight towns, one of which is directly opposite the player's starting castle. The two sides are separated by a river and it is only possible to cross into enemy territory via boat, a stone lith gateway, or the Dimension Door spell. Ironfist's forces may attempt to invade the player's area using either of the former two methods, so defense as well as offense is important.

The primary objective is to capture Castle Ironfist. The castle is on its own small land mass in the northwestern corner of the map, accessible only by boat or the Dimension Door spell. If Dimension Door is found, the player can save a significant amount of time--the only port on the map is the Knight town facing the player's starting castle, clear on the other side of the map. Just south of Ironfist's land mass, along the western edge of the map, is a land strip containing several artifacts and the map's only obelisks; finding the Ultimate Artifact is an excellent way to even the odds.